Fluke Electrical Test Tools

Fluke Corporation is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electrical test tools and software.  The Fluke brand has a reputation for portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use and rigid standards of quality. Typical customers and users include technicians, engineers, metrologists, medical-device manufacturers, and computer network professionals — people who stake their reputations on their tools, and use tools to help extend their personal power and abilities.

For more information please visit: http://www.fluke.com/fluke/auen/products/


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Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter
Learn more about Fluke Connect » See it. Save it. Share it. ..
Ex GST: $492.00
Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter
Fluke rugged...
Ex GST: $207.00
Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter
 Fluke rugged. Fluke reliable. Fluke precise. True RMS measurements and optimized ergonomics..
Ex GST: $235.00
Fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meter
Fluke rugged. Fluke reliable. Fluke precise. True-rms measurements and optimized ergonomics make..
Ex GST: $280.00
Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter
This clamp on meter is a combination power analyzer, power quality logger, and clamp meter, and is i..
Ex GST: $3,470.00
Fluke 369 FC True-rms Leakage Current Clamp Meter
Reduce downtime – Find leakage currents without taking equipment offline The Fluke 369 FC true-rm..
Ex GST: $1,440.00
Fluke 373 True RMS Clamp Meter
Be ready for anything. The new Fluke 373 Clamp Meter offers improved performance perfect fo..
Ex GST: $340.00