Buy Warren & Brown 323500 Deflecting Beam T/Wrench

Buy Warren & Brown 323500 Deflecting Beam T/Wrench
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Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench -" (30-300Nm)

These world renowned Dual-Signal Torque wrenches employ the principle of applying torque to a deflecting beam rather than a coil spring. This helps prolong wrench life, with a greater safety margin on maximum loading throughout the range of each wrench.
The operator can see and hear when a Dual-Signal Torque Wrench reaches the selected torque. When working in a noisy situation, the signal can be seen; alternatively, if the operator cannot see the signal, he can hear it. In addition, the operator can usually feel when the signal mechanism releases.  The signal mechanism is located in the fixed arm of the wrench and the handle is fitted to the deflecting member, manufactured from specifically treated high grade steel.  The scale graduations are widely spaced and allow the operator to accurately pre-select the torque required.




The deflection bar (A) is bent by the torque being applied, this carries the adjustable wedge (B) towards the stationary arm (C) in which the trip (D) is located.  When the trip is depressed (1) the indicator pin (E) is released (2).  This signal can be seen and heard by the operator.


  • Dual signal ( see and hear when the wrench has reached the selected torque.)
  • Very strong and durable all steel construction
  • Manufactured to the highest standards so you can be comfortable that your readings are extremely accurate
  • Meets or exceeds Australian standards

Part Number - 323500    Capacity - 20-220 ft.lbs            

Drive Size - 1/2''

Torque Range 20-220ft.lbs / 30-300Nm
Graduation 5.ft.lbs / 5Nm
Adaptor Supplied P/N- 390010
Length (cm) 49
Packed weight (kg) 2.198
Accuracy + / - 2%